Meandering Mourning and Collaged Reality (FIONA CURRAN)

April 23, 2021

Guest artist FIONA CURRAN 


joins me to chat about her work via Esther Kinsky's 2020 novel 'Grove : A Field Guide'. The story is directed by a narrator who takes a trip to a village on the outskirts of Rome which was supposed to be an adventure with her recently deceased partner. 

Fiona and I go on to discuss how the work of her current solo exhibition developed during lockdown and a nasty bout of covid, as well as an earlier, major outdoor installation. We expand on landscape as a character, contemporary poetry, a balance of bleak and beauty, loss of identity through grief, looking for solace in the landscape, loving everything Italian, beyond the optical, seduction of the screen, the colour blue, extreme fatigue, memory flooding into the present, sanitisation of nature, resurfacing, fragmentation, aimlessness, hovering, disorientation and losing a sense of self. 


(This episode is produced by Jillian Knipe with music by Griffin Knipe and image by Joanna Quinn of Beryl Productions)



instagram fiona_curran

'Jump Cut, Still Life' solo exhibition at Broadway Gallery

'Your Sweetest Empire is to Please' outdoor installation at Gibson Estate



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Anne Truitt 'Daybook : The Journal of an Artist' 1982

Esther Kinsky 'River' 2014

Jeremy Cooper 'Bolt from the Blue' 2021

Joanne Kyger 'The Japan and India Journals 1960-1964' 1981

Linda J Lear 'Rachel Carson : Witness for Nature' 1994

Rachel Carson 'Silent Spring' 1962

Rebecca Solnit 'A Field Guide to Getting Lost' 2005



Bosse & Baum

Broadway Gallery, Letchworth



Gibside Estate

Kew Gardens

Mary Eleanor Bows 1749-1800

Mary Wollstonecroft 1759-1797

Paul Virilio 1932-2018



Michelangelo Antonioni 'Red Desert' 1964 starring Monica Vitti

Pier Paolo Pasolini 'The Hawks and the Sparrows' 1966 'Notes Towards and African Orestes' 1970

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