Embodied Violence and Persistent Ambivalence (LUKE BURTON)

July 6, 2021

Guest artist LUKE BURTON

joins me to chat about his work via Ben Lerner's 2019 novel 'The Topeka School'. The story revolves around Adam Gordon and his parents, and the ambivalence of language as both a pathway to reparation and a driving force towards violence. 

Luke Burton and I go on to discuss his own ambivalence, working with and against male and masculine archetypes in Western art. We acknowledge the ability of psychotherapy to excavate knowledge you didn't previous have about yourself, the selective access to language, the aggression within public rhetoric and language as spells. 


instagram luke_p_burton

'Impossible Weather' solo exhibition 2020 Bosse and Baum

'The Artist Oracle' Sep 2021 White Crypt


Coptic Textiles

Donald Judd

Hans Holbein the Younger

Lee Krasner

Neil Cummings

'Rebel Without A Cause' 1955 film


Adam Phillips 'Attention Seeking' 2019

Ben Lerner 'Leaving the Atocha Station' 2011

Ben Lerner '10:04' 2014

Ben Lerner 'Contest of Words' Harper's Magazine 2016

Harriet Lerner, clinical psychologist and author

Isabel Hardman 'Why We Get the Wrong Politicians' 2018

Lidija Haas 'The Guardian' 4 Nov 2019

Owen Jones 'The Grammar of Ornament' 1856

Rachel Kusk 'Outline' 2014 'Transit' 2016 'Kudos' 2018


Barbican Gallery, London

Girton College, University of Cambridge 

Victoria and Albert Museum V&A






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