Earthly Nourishment and Landscape Potential (LIZ ELTON)

March 10, 2021

Guest artist LIZ ELTON

joins me to chat about her work via Max Porter's 2019 novel 'Lanny'. The story revolves around a young boy named Lanny and his disappearance in the setting of an English village bordered by a forest. Little lad Lanny is as captivating as his author's ability to envelope us deep within the seams of the village's social and ecological networks, where Dead Papa Toothwort oversees all, over all time. 


Bouncing off nature and infinite ephemerality, Liz and I go on to discuss her work selected for the John Moores Painting Prize as well as her upcoming residency with the Mark Rothko Memorial Trust. We talk of the constant state of becoming, nourishment, self care, delicate touch, bruising, translucency, landscape, lightness, mortality, composting, ritual, recycling, equality, silk thread, internal shadows, wastage, potential, breakdown, food labour and that fragile layer of soil on which all life depends connecting with our own skin.


(This episode is co-produced by Jillian Knipe and Elizabeth Fullerton with music by Griffin Knipe and image by Joanna Quinn of Beryl Productions)



instagram liz_elton

'John Moores Painting Prize' exhibition at Walker Art Gallery

'Flowers of Romance' group exhibition at White Conduit Projects



Alice McCabe

Allyson Keehan, curator

Angela de la Cruz

Dillwyn Smith

Din Q Lê 'The Colony' 2016

Eliza Bennett

Elizabeth Murton

Eric Ravilious

Francisco Goya

Jem Finer 'Longplayer' at Trinity Buoy Wharf,

Johannes Vermeer 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' 1665

Julie F Hill

Katharina Grosse

Mark Rothko

Michael Landy 'Breakdown' 2001

Michelangelo 'Pieta' ('The Pity') 1498-1499

Paul Bramley, curator

Sam Gilliam

Sarah Pager

William Dyce 'Pegwell Bay, Kent - a Recollection of October 5th 1858' 1858

Yves Klein



Anna Souter 'Vegetate Project'

Anna Tsing 'The Mushroom at the end of the World' 2015

Charlotte Higgins on Michael Landy, 'The Guardian' 27 Jan 2021

Clive King 'Stig of the Dump' 1963

Donna Haraway

Frances Hodgson Burnett 'The Secret Garden' 1911

Jane Bennett 'Vibrant Matter : A Political Ecology of Things' 2009

Merlin Sheldrake 'Entangled Life : How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures' 2020 

Norman Bryson 'Looking at the Overlooked' 1990

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Steven Connor 'The Book of Skin' 2004

Sue Stuart-Smith 'The Well Gardened Mind' 2020

T S Eliot 'Burnt Norton' 1935

Thomas Hardy

Thomas Piketty 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' 2013

Tim Dee 'Landfill' 2018

Timothy Morton 'Being Ecological' 2018

Tracy Chevalier 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' 1999



163 Gallery, London,

South London Gallery

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

White Conduit Projects, London



'Girl with a Pearl Earring' 2003, director Peter Webber

'Princess Mononoke' 2001, director Hayao Miyazaki

'The Archers' 1950-ongoing BBC Radio 4




Chew Valley Lake, Somerset UK

Harris, Outer Hebrides Scotland UK



Maeshowe, Orkney Scotland UK

Pegwell Bay, UK

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Scotland UK

St Kilda, archipelago off Scotland UK



A P Fitzpatrick Fine Art Materials


Mark Rothko Memorial Fund

Maye E Bruce, inventor of 'Quick Return' compost system 1935

Slade School of Fine Art

Wimbledon School of Art

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