Bold Resilience and Rightful Restoration (KAREN McLEAN)

June 11, 2021

Guest artist KAREN McLEAN

joins Elizabeth Fullerton to chat about her work via Colson Whitehead's 2016 novel 'The Underground Railroad' published by Doubleday. The historical fiction tells of 19th century slaves Cora and Caesar and their attempts to escape to freedom in America's south west.


Starting with her intensely researched art practice, Karen McLean and Elizabeth explore stories of rebellion and suffering amongst individuals and the collective, including female power, body ownership, intergenerational identity, mental illness and a vast knowledge of plants used as a method of resistance. They also delve into the structural legacies created by the sugar, cotton and indigo industries; colonialism, covert operations, syncretic religions, and the rise of the blue devil.


(This episode is co-produced by Jillian Knipe and Elizabeth Fullerton with music by Griffin Knipe and image by Joanna Quinn of Beryl Productions)



instagram karenmclean_art

'Blue Power' 2021 Block 336

'Ar'n't I A Woman' 2021 Block 336

'The Precariat' 2017 Lewisham Arthouse


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Eva Hesse 'Contingent' 1968

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Teresa Margolles

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Tracey Emin


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Afterprojects, Julie Bentley

Birmingham City University

Black Cultural Archives, Brixton UK

Block 336, Brixton UK

Gees Bend Quilting Retreat

Goldsmiths University of London UK

King's Cross Station, London UK

Shakespeare's House, Stratford UK

The Gale Plantation, Jamaica, Caribbean

The New Art Gallery, Walsall UK

The Steamhouse, Birmingham UK

Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean



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